S1 – E1 – What’s This All About?

EP 001: What's This All About?

Episode Notes

Click Click Bang Bang is finally here!!! Hosts Mez and Toby introduce the photography podcast you’ve all been waiting for, and also say a thing or two about themselves. After all, who the hell are they?? 

So who are we – Toby and Mez are facilitators of discussion and ideas about photography – we aren’t wanky know it all tech heads who are out to make an echo chamber.  will discuss all aspects of the medium with the people that define it, and try and make sense of the weird and wonderful culture and business that surrounds it. This is not a wanky, ego-driven lecture. It’s fun, it’s kinda deep sometimes, and it’s all-inclusive.

In this podcast we are going to talk about the many facets of photography – social issues, business, tech, art, current events and trends – we are going to talk to many different people who make up this industry – professionals, amateurs, models, art directors, galleries, film makers, printers and more. 



Click Click Bang Bang: A Photography Podcast is written and produced by Meredith Schofield and Toby Forage.

Edited by Toby Forage

Music by Simon Figliuzzi

Brand by dingdingding.co

Thanks also to Sean Brokenshire and Bandit for their help in the studio. Bandit’s a dog, by the way … a bloody clever one.

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