EP 017: The Season Finale

Show Notes

CCBB Season 1 has come to an end, and that’s got Mez and Toby reaching for the tissues, because the outtakes from this first outing are too hilarious!! We also look back on a bumper first series, the mega global events that helped drive it along, and give you a sneak peek of what’s to come in Season 2. Bring it on!!


We look back at some of our best episodes from What the hell do I charge to covering global current events, we reflect and look forward to next season!

There are some hilarious bloopers in the mix too. 


We both look forwars to bringing you some great interviews next season!  So STAY TUNED!

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EP 016: Gear you can't live without

Show Notes

This could be the most lo-fi photography gear chat ever recorded for a podcast, but do you know the reverse business card trick? Sometimes, it’s the simplest of things that can get you through a tough shoot, and in this episode, Mez and Toby reveal the secrets of their weird and wonderful kitbags, discussing the sometimes strange gear they just can’t live without.

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Click Click Bang Bang: A Photography Podcast is written and produced by Meredith Schofield and Toby Forage.

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EP 015: Let's go to the movies!

Show Notes

It’s time to put on your best threads because Mez and Toby are going to take you for a walk down the red carpet. Yep, that’s right, we’re going to the movies!! There have been many photography-related flicks released over the years, and the coronavirus shutdown has given us all time to watch a few of them. So sit back and relax as we take you through some of our favourites.

Mez’ Top 5

Toby’s Top 5

  • The Bang Bang Club
  • Born into Brothels
  • Finding Vivian Maier
  • Gregory Crewdson - Brief Encounters
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • McCullin
  • Born into Brothels
  • City of God
  • Jim: The Jim Foley Story
  • Salt of the Earth

Check out all of the trailers below:

Honourable Mentions

We couldn’t talk about all of our favourite photography films so here are some honourable mentions for you to check out!

  • Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus
  • Year of Living Dangerously
  • Everlasting Moments
  • Killing Fields
  • Rear Window
  • Kodachrome
  • Rear Window

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Click Click Bang Bang: A Photography Podcast is written and produced by Meredith Schofield and Toby Forage.

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EP 014: COVID Creativity

Show Notes

As photographers, we know all about ISO! That’s why living in it is NO EXCUSE for letting your gear gather dust while you sit on your butt eating chips and watching rubbish on TV. Mez and Toby have been inspired by a bunch of inspiring ideas from photographers and film-makers they follow, and they throw out a few other ideas to keep you busy while the lockdown lingers. Take it all in, and let the creative juices flow!!


Mez and Toby discuss what they’ve been doing to keep busy and creative during this time of lockdown.

Toby made an amazing video of Sydney’s most famous and busiest areas during lockdown – watch below


Photographers and flim-makers have been getting extra creative with all this time on their hands.  

Here’s a  look at what some photographers are doing to keep busy in lockdown.


Melanie Edge – The DriveBy Project

Melanie is in Perth and has been taking pictures of her neighbours from a distance in their driveways and front yards:



Jim Barker from the UK has been working on a portrait series he has titled “Doortraits”. Check it out here.


UK-based snapper Tim Dunk is using Facetime as his new camera, keeping his portrait business afloat with some “remote” photo sessions:




Incidentally, Shoot My Travel, who Toby work with are offering the same type of photoshoots through webcam:





Pete Souza, the famous presidential photographer of the Obama era has been doing a series via Instagram IGTV called ‘Chatting the Pics’ where he talks viewers through how he got some of his most famous images:



Ted Forbes aka The Art of Photography has start up his photo assignment challenged again. Also check out his channels back catalogue – lots of great reviews, gear, book, photographer interviews – amazing.



‘They get us out’ by Andrew Knapp – aka Find Momo. A beautiful ongoing portrait series of locals in his neighbourhood with their dogs. 



This is awesome, from Philipp Klein Herrero!!



Pete McKinnon has launched a “Photo Assignments” weekly challenge to his followers. He’s a YouTuber with more than 1m subscribers and has asked us all to take part in his themed assignments. He picks his 10 faves each week and showcases them, and provides a new topic for the next week.




Another one of Toby’s favourite YouTubers, Kai W, was frustrated that he couldn’t get out and do his street photography, so he and a mate just fired up Grand Theft Auto Video on their gaming consoles and presented each other with “extreme street photography challenges” via the game (you get a camera in your tool kit). Geeky, but funny!!




Here’s a list of potential project we can all be doing right now to stay busy and creative.

  • Take a course
  • Work on post processing skills
  • Practice Lighting Set ups
  • Book design
  • Design a print store
  • Educate yourself
  • Research Projects
  • Gather Ideas
  • Listen to a photography Podcast 
  • Print your shiitttt
  • Watch a photo documentary and movie
  • Photo Challenge 
  • Back up your photos to the cloud
  • Organise your office


ONLINE FREE STUFF (who doesn’t love that?!)

Online Learning Resources – UPSKILL


Free or Discounted Software: 

  • Capture One – 25% discount on Capture One Pro perpetual licenses and subscriptions.  Use Code: SPRING25

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Click Click Bang Bang: A Photography Podcast is written and produced by Meredith Schofield and Toby Forage.

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A word final from Ansel on the photo negative as the photographer score…

EP 013: Photography in the time of COVID-19

Show Notes

PANDEMIC!!!!! Yep, we’re living it, but while the coronavirus crisis has brought down the world’s economy, it hasn’t stop Mez and Tobes putting together a podcast without breaking any distancing laws!! But that economy could be crucial for a lot of photographers and other visual media creatives, so we’ve put together a little advice for Aussies to help them get through this freak chapter in our lives.

Financial Support Options

There are some financial support options out there for photographers who operate as Sole Traders. Follow the links below for more information.

General Information

 Follow the links below for more information.

Mental Health Services

If you are finding the COVID-19 Pandemic and Economic Crisis hard to deal with and need to chat to someone please consider the following services. Follow the links below for more information.

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Click Click Bang Bang: A Photography Podcast is written and produced by Meredith Schofield and Toby Forage.

Edited by Toby Forage

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EP 012: Who takes the best photos?

Show Notes

Let’s talk about sex, baby …. Mez and Toby deep dive into a discussion about gender in photography that takes more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel. Speaking of novel, even coronavirus gets a mention as photojournalism, fashion, wedding and all other manner of photographic genres go under the biggest gender-bias microscope in the southern hemisphere.


An interesting article came across the studio desk which got us thinking about gender roles in photography, particularly Photojournalism and how it shapes our view of the world. The article, “Good” photographs – The white male gaze and how we privilege ways of seeing, by Savannah Dodd & Andrew Jackson quotes.. 

“…since the 1919 first appearance of photography within The Illustrated Daily News, it has historically been the white, cis, heterosexual male gaze which has authored and shaped how the world has been reflected back to itself via photojournalism.”


World Press Photo reports that of 5,202 photographers from more than 100 countries over a four-year period,

  • more than one half participating photographers are Caucasian/White
  • 80% are men
  • Two-thirds are between the age of 30 and 49
  • 1% — that’s 52 in total — of participating photographers classify themselves as Black.


You can read the full article here


A look at popular Photojournalism through World Press

World Press Photo secretary Stephen Mayes said during his 2009 keynote speech – “ Over represented: commercial sex, suffering black folk, Muslim women in veils, same sex couples kissing, holding hands

– Under represented: middle class, affluent drug users, real sex, personal sex, black culture and expanded vision of black life outside Africa.

[…] What is journalism if it doesn’t inform but merely repeats and affirms what we already know?”


“Every year, the jury is astonished by the repetition of subjects and the lack of variety in the coverage” … “Your best chance of winning is if you are american, male and white shooting black and white”


“The overwhelming impression from the vast volume of images is that photojournalism (as a format for interpreting the world) is trying to be relevant by copying itself rather than by observing the world.”

You can watch the full speech here or below.

Being a woman is a great advantage… 

Lynsey Addario, American photojournalist, has often stated that she sees being a woman as a distinct advantage in places like Afghanistan, where she spent a lot of time shooting during the Taliban days and subsequent conflict there. 

“As a woman I have access to both women and men … I’m often underestimated, in a way that my male colleagues are not.”

Her book, It’s What I Do, is a great read.


Sean Brokenshire tells of a situation overseas where a woman who was fleeing for her life was able to disclose what had happened to her to a female worker. 

Verónica G. Cárdenas

“After a life-changing car accident, Verónica G. Cárdenas left her job and chased her life passion of becoming a photographer. Challenged with building her portfolio, she embarked on a project to photograph the journey that many migrants use to travel from Honduras to the United States.  Verónica’s photos portray asylum seekers more humanely, helping her audience to see the more subtle aspects of their lives. She challenges the photography industry to employ more diversity behind the lens.”

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Click Click Bang Bang: A Photography Podcast is written and produced by Meredith Schofield and Toby Forage.

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EP 011: Gaining Informed Consent w/ Sean Brokenshire

Show Notes

Gaining consent isn’t easy, especially when the subject you’re looking to film or photograph is in a heightened state of distress.

In this episode, Mez and Toby welcome Sean Brokenshire to the CCBB studio to discuss the intricacies of “informed consent”.

Having worked as a communications expert for a large NGO in some of the world’s poorest countries over the past 10 years, Sean shares his thoughts on the rights and wrongs of gaining that consent from people living in poverty, often dealing with disease, and how even with consent, you still need to make a decision about whether or not to publish particular stories.

Sean wrote two incredible and insightful blog pieces on Informed Consent and Non-profit branding: building trust through integrity and consistency – Follow the links to have a read.
Sean Brokenshire. Photo: M. Schofield

We sat down with Sean and asked him a few questions. It was an insightful interview with a highly skilled communications specialist, a multimedia producer, a humanitarian and a deeply empathetic human being. 

Have a listen below to this great informative interview. 

Some things we asked Sean…

Sean tell us a bit about who you are and what you do…

On informed consent…

What is informed consent?

Why is informed consent important?

How do you gain a person’s consent?

How do you protect privacy?

We also touch on the ethics that goes along with being in a position where you are responsible for telling someones story to the world. 

We get into a discussion on photo ethics and ‘poverty touring’- people photographing people in vulnerable situations for no purpose at all. 

It’s a ripper of an episode and we were so glad to have Sean as our FIRST EVER GUEST!

Thanks again to Sean Brokenshire, check him out here: www.remote-digital-freelancer.com/ 

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Click Click Bang Bang: A Photography Podcast is written and produced by Meredith Schofield and Toby Forage.

Edited by Toby Forage

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Thanks also to Sean Brokenshire and Bandit for their help in the studio.

Above Photo: Marcio Cabral

EP 010: Competition Corruption Part II

Show Notes


Still on the topic of photography competitions, Mez and Toby zero in on the entrants, and boy oh boy, are there some stories to be told here. It seems there are no limits to the lengths some people will go to in order to get ahead in the game, from the smallest comps to the most prestigious in the photography world. When money and prestige is the reward, play gets dirty very quickly, and even anteaters aren’t safe!! What? Trust us … just listen.

Disqualified Winners:

Nikon Photo Awards – Photoshopped plane into scene – https://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/nikon-photo-contest-fail/ 

Photo: Chay Yu Wei
Shaun Ho via PetaPixel
Render Brant
Glenn Guan
Photo: Marcio Cabral
Photo: Natural History Museum Brazil

Lisa Saad – AIPP photographer of the year, found to have allegedly used stock photography in many of her image composites despite claiming it was all her own work, and also allegedly stole images from other photographers to use in the photo montages. Follow the story on Photo Stealers – https://stopstealingphotos.com/lisa-saad-photographer-melbourne-australia/  

Source: Peta Pixel / Black & White Original Photo: Marcel van Balken
Photo: Lisa Saad (and others it appears) / Source: Photo Stealers

World Press 2015 – set up scenes by a finalist. 


‘The investigation discovered that one of the pictures was instead taken in Molenbeek, a borough in Brussels about 60 km (37 miles) away from Charleroi. Troilo later confirmed the photo was taken at a different location.’

Photo: Giovanni Troilo

2016 – 16% of finalist disqualified https://procounter.com.au/2016/03/03/manipulation-strikes-wpp-again/ 

“Up to 20% of World Press Photo entries that made it to the penultimate round of the contest were disqualified after they were found to have been manipulated or post-processed carelessly, the Dutch organization has confirmed.” – Time


Photo: Paul Hansen. Source: Peta Pixel
Stepan Rudik’s 2010 3rd Place winning entry was disqualified for excessive burning that eliminated a foot in the background.
Photo: Stepan Rudik

HIPA photo winner in Vietnam begs the question of what are the ethics when photographing people living in poverty.  


Original Photo: Edwin Ong Wee Kee

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EPS 009: Competition Corruption Part I

Show Notes


There is nothing like a healthy dose of competition — unless that competition is trying to steal your content for nothing!! Whaaaat!!??


In this episode, Mez and Toby look at the sometimes hazardous world of photography competitions, discussing the pros and cons for photographers who are thinking of entering their work. Much skullduggery is unearthed


First we look at some dodgy ‘competitions’ that are used for content and data mining – what are you REALLY entering and winning.


An example of competitions set up for data mining aka free photo usage are two comps set up by Destination Wollonong aka Wollongong Tourism a local government body…


Destination Wollongong – Photo Taker Competition


The original Competition Page has been taken off the Destination Wollongong but this link is to their Facebook post about the competition is HERE.

In their terms and conditions they state:


‘By entering the competition, entrants grant the Promoter a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, fee and royalty free license to use, modify and reproduce credited images across the Promoters marketing channels.’


This is a clear and outright data mine and photo grab, and locals saw throught it pretty quick.

The Illawarra Mercury responded to the backlash from the public with an article written by Desiree Savage. The article has a comment from Destination Wollongong General manager Mark Sleigh…


“The reasoning behind the whole campaign was to get a broader range of photos than just engaging one photographer,” he said.

“This was more about … trying to put a community lens on all the fantastic things on what to do in Wollongong.

“In terms of the actual prize, when you look at it on a per photo basis it’s not a lot different to what we would actually pay a professional photographer.”

Read the full article HERE:


Inside Imaging’s in depth article on the Photo Taker Competition and other scam comps is below. 




Destination Wollongong – Press Play Photo Competition



 Again another dodgy photo competition set up purely for accessing hundreds of photos of the Illawarra area for free usage. 

‘Marketing Use of Entered Images: By submitting a photo in the competition, the entrant gives Destination Wollongong permission to use their photo (with credit) in its marketing channels including social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), website (www.visitwollongong.com.au), Visitor Guide and other collateral, irrespective of whether the entrant is deemed the winner.’


This type of outright photograb isn’t just happening on council levels, it’s happening nationally with Tourism Australia at the centre of another ANNUAL dodgy competition with some major sponsors…


Australia From Above from SkyPixel, DJi and Tourism Australia.

Their T&C’s go way further than Destination Wollongong’s with entrants granting SkyPixel, all its affiliates (Tourism Australia & DJi), Sponsors and event VIEWERS of the entered images to extraordinary conditions, licences and permissions…


https://www.skypixel.com/contests/2019  *Scroll down to PRIZES for a tiny tiny link to the full T&C’s… Sample below. 

“D. Intellectual Property

By entering into the Contest and submitting an Entry, each Entrant hereby grants to the Organizer and its affiliates, and the Organizer and the affiliates hereby accepts, a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, sub-licensable and transferable license to use and exploit the Intellectual Property Rights subsisting in his/her respective Entry(ies). The license under this provision shall provide to the Organizer, its affiliates, and its transferees and sub-licensees, to the extent transferred and sublicensed by the Organizer, the right to edit, publish, print, use, adapt, translate, exploit, modify, include in a compilation, copy, disseminate, dispose, load onto its server, broadcast and/or transmit each Entrant’s Entry (including photos, videos, etc.) for advertising, promotional, display and/or publicity purposes, and to use the Entries for any and all purposes connected with the Contest and the Campaign Website without any compensation for, further permission by, or notification to the Entrant. Each Entrant also hereby grants each visitor to the Campaign Website a non-exclusive license to access an Entrant’s Entry and to view, use, reproduce and/or distribute such Entry for entirely personal recreational purpose.

For selected entries, the Organizer and its affiliates and main partners (Western Digital Corporation and Nikon Corporation) are entitled to display, publish, or otherwise use entries on the following channels without further authorization from the Entrants:

1. Weekly selection on SkyPixel website, and the DJI apps, which includes without limitation, the DJI GO app and DJI Mimo App;

2. SkyPixel social media (a link, a watermarked image, or an email link);

3. DJI social media (a link, a watermarked image, or an email link);

4. Media partners (a watermarked image with a width of 1920 pixels, or a SkyPixel video link, which will include the author’s name and the competition details).

5. Video websites will promote SkyPixel selected entries, and the contest and author’s name will be acknowledged.

6. DJI offline channels (e.g., selected entries will be printed or displayed by DJI Flagship Stores and authorized dealers.).

7. Main sponsor’s promotional channels (for contest promotion use only). The contest and author’s name will be acknowledged.

For winning entries, the winner grants the organizer, its affiliates, and main partners (Western Digital Corporation and Nikon Corporation) a perpetual, non-exclusive, sublicensable, transferrable, world-wide, royalty-free right and license to reproduce, compile, modify and prepare derivative works. This also includes the right to publish, display, distribute, broadcast, transmit, and otherwise use the entries in whole or in part for advertisements and/or promotions. The Organizer and its affiliate also have the right to use the content for any media and/or media outreach, including without limitation, online, mobile, public relations exhibitions, performance uses, retail establishments, industrial and/or promotional events uses, print media uses, out-of-home advertising, public or private transportation, video editing software and sharing tools, television, theatrical, home video formats, mobile applications, and commercial use without any compensation for, further permission by, or notification to the Winners.”



We both agree these are the worst Terms and Conditions we have ever seen in a photo competition. 


Below is an article from Pro Counter Australia on the previous years SkyPixel comps. 



Obvious Cash Grabs


Now this is a funny one. After months of photo geek online investiagting by a great community of photographers it was discovered that numerous photo contests appear to be run by the same man – The five photo contests are…

International Photography of the Year (IPOTY), Monochrome Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, ND Awards, and MonoVision Photography Awards. 


Stunning high quality websites are made, high profile photographers are put down as judges to make the competitions look more professional and legitimate, however most of the judges are never asked to actually judge, their names are used and they never judge the competition. See this investigation unfolding below through the links…







https://monoawards.com – still running in 2020

https://iphotographeroftheyear.com – hasnt operated since 2017, was the main focus of the negative articles. 


https://fineartphotoawards.com – still running in 2020


https://monovisionsawards.com – still running 2020




https://ndawards.net – Still running


Free entry but…. 


Aperture has a free competition, but as you read you realise you have to be a subscriber to enter… $75 for a year 

If a photo competition is free you are most likely going to pay in another way… you just have to figure out what it is… 


So how do we know what competitions to enter and to not?


Look at dodgy T&C’s Language:


  • Look at the type of licence they want if you win – watch out for exclusive. 
  • Don’t enter if they want rights for all entries – this is an obvious data grab. 
  • Look at YOUR level of liability in the conditions.
  • Who is the competition run by? Are they High profile?
  • Who are the sponsors?
  • Who are the judges? Are the judges actually judging? You may want to contact a judge direct to see
  • What are the prizes – is it worth it?
  • What is the entry fee, if there is no entry fee how else am I ‘paying’ (there’s always a way)
  • Check out past winners and their quality of work, you can also track their career and see if winning the competition has helped their career. 
  • Do you know any past winners


If the competition has a good reputation, good prizes, good publicity, good quality work and past winners, no dodgy right grabbing T & C’s then maybe you want to consider entering. This is a very individual choice. 


Advice Resources

Arts Law Council of Australia Information Sheet 


LensCulture Competition Free guide


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EP 008: Australia Burning

Show Notes

Toby and Mez are back from the festive break, but it’s been a bitter sweet holiday thanks to the Australian bushfire crisis. Some of the photography from the fire zones has been nothing short of phenomenal, and in this episode, we pay tribute to all the photographers working in some of the most dangerous conditions imaginable, and we also give you some options on where to donate if you want to help the relief effort.

There has been some very brave and outstanding photojournalists on the ground over the last few months covering the active fire situation that is engulfing NSW, VIC and SA. These Photographers have not just been covering the active fire grounds but also capturing, the Firies, volunteers, the devastation left behind and the people that have been affected. 

We are taking a moment with a special episode to send a shout out to the photographers who have really put their lives on the line to bring us and the world these stories. 

Be sure to check out the Sydney Morning Herald Spotlight on their Australia Bushfire photography. View it HERE

Photojournalists in the Field

Matthew Abbott –  Photographer based in Sydney. Represented by @panospictures and member of @oculi collective.

Covering for: the New York Times, the Guardian (UK)


Insta: @mattabbottphoto

Nick Moir – Chief Photographer Sydney Morning Herald.

Covering for: Oculi, Sydney Morning Herald


Insta: @nampix

Dean Sewell – Documentary photographer and Co- Founder of the @oculi photographic collective.

Covering for: Oculi, Sydney Morning Herald


Insta: @dean_sewell

Mike Bowers – Photographer at Large for Guardian Australia and host of Talking Pictures on ABC TV.

Covering for: Guardian Australia

Insta: @mikepbowers

Twitter: @mpbowers

Alex Ellinghausen – Photojournalist for The Sydney Morning Herald / The Age / The AFR / blogs with @srpeatling

Covering For: Sydney Morning Herald,  The Age 

Insta: @alexellinghausen

Twitter: @ellinghausen

Kate Geraghty – Photographer at The Sydney Morning Herald.

Covering For: Sydney Morning Herald.

Insta: @kate.geraghty

Twitter: @geraghtyk

James Brickwood – Staff photographer at The Sydney Morning Herald & Australian Financial Review and member of the Oculi.

Covering for: Sydney Morning Herald, Oculi.

Insta: @jamesbrickwood

Twitter: @JamesBrickwood

Wolter Peeters – Staff Photographer for Sydney Morning Herald

Covering for: Sydney Morning Herald

Insta: @shooterwol

Twitter: @shooterwol 

Stephen Dupont – Freelance Photojournalist and Artist.

Covering for: NRC Handelsblad


Insta: @stephenmdupont


Andrew Quilty – Freelance Photojournalist based in Afghanistan

Covering for: The Guardian Australia


Insta: @andrewquilty

Twitter: @andrewquilty


Fire Services


Donations made to the NSW Rural Fire Service directly benefit volunteers fighting fires on the frontline. To donate, you can contact your local brigade or via the RFS website.


The efforts of Victorian firefighters can be supported by donating to the state’s Country Fire Association on the CFA website.

Donations to CFS volunteer firefighters in South Australia can be made through the CFS foundation website.


To help wildlife victims of the bushfires in NSW, you can donate to the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) here.

Wildlife Victoria
To help wildlife victims of the bushfires in Victoria, you can donate directly to Wildlife Victoria.

The Word Wildlife Fund have set up a “Help Save Koalas Fund”. Donations can be made on their website.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

To help ensure the survival of koalas in around Port Macquarie, NSW, a donation can be made to the Port Macquarie Koala hospital on their GoFundMe page.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Kangaroo Island has had their Kangaroo and Koala populations decimated, you can donate to the KIWP’s GoFundMe campaign here.


RSPCA are helping members of the public keep their pets and livestock safe from the fires. Inspectors are now entering the cleared fire zones, working alongside Local Land Services, Department of Primary Industries and district veterinarians, and are assessing any injured animals. Their work will continue over the coming months, even after fires around the state will have ceased. You can Donate Here


Foodbank is delivering emergency food and water relief to bushfire affected communities in Victoria’s East Gippsland region.

Donations can be made via their website.

 is a service that lists the exact needs of individuals through charities so that the public can directly donate exactly what is needed. Givit is currently running two campaigns for NSW and Queensland bushfire victims.

Australian Red Cross
The Australian Red Cross have launched a disaster relief and recovery fund to provide short and long-term support to people and communities impacted by the bushfires. Donations can be made via their website.

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