S2 – E1 – We’re Baacckk!

S2 E01

Show Notes

Welcome back to SEASON TWO of Click Click, Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast!

Ok ok, It’s been a long time between drinks, but to be fair we, like everyone on the planet, have been going through some shit!

We took a very long break from the podcast for a few reasons, the main reason being as freelancers working in the arts and television we both lost a lot of work over the last couple of years and had to focus on keeping our heads above water. Which we are both happy to report, we did… Just.

So, in this NEW comeback episode we catch up and discuss not only the state of our careers and what we’ve been up to, but the state of the Australian photographic community as a whole. We also let you in on what to expect in the new season of Click Click, Bang Bang – we’ve got lots of great stuff on the horizon with some amazing guests and like always we hit some hard topics!

So sit back and enjoy the next half hour of Click Click, Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast.

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Click Click Bang Bang: A Photography Podcast is written and produced by Meredith Schofield and Toby Forage.

Edited by Toby Forage

Music by Simon Figliuzzi

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Thanks also to Sean Brokenshire and Bandit for their help in the studio.