S2 – E3 – WTF are NFTs?

S2 E03

Show Notes

In short, it’s complicated. Even for two fairly intelligent Gen Y and X journos we struggled to fully comprehend the ins and outs, the ethics, the structure and THE POINT of NFTs. 

In this episode of Click Click, Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast we delve into the world of NFTs to try and understand the rise of this new digital ‘marketplace’. We discuss what NFTs actually are, how the marketplace works, the pros and cons for artists and buyers, the environmental impact that NFTs have, the frauds and the scandals! It’s a lot to cover so we’ve also given you some resources below so you can make your mnd up for yourself about NFTs. 


Episode Resources

Relevant news articles covering NFTs - The good, bad and the ugly
Relevent Twitter Threads - Go Down The Rabbit Hole






Other Relevant Resources

Australia Resale Royalty Scheme

The British Journal of Photography Bait and Switch: “The British Journal of Photography sold out its twitter account with 250000 followers into a NFT marketing account called ‘art3’.

“On Oct. 23, 2008, I started the British Journal of Photography’s Twitter account. To see, years later, its owners do a bait-and-switch to promote their latest NFT biz venture – transferring 250,000 followers who trusted the historic brand, founded in 1854 – it’s gutting.” – @olivierclaurent

Interview with co-founder of OpenSea Alex Atallah

NFT Photographic Artists Making Waves

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