Click Click Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast covers photography for everyone, whether you’re a pro, an amateur, a hobbyist or you just like the art form. Hosts Mez and Toby discuss all aspects of the medium and the people that define it, and try to make sense of the weird and wonderful culture and business that surrounds it. This is not a wanky, ego-driven lecture. It’s fun, it’s kinda deep sometimes, and it’s all-inclusive.




Toby is a freelance broadcast and digital media producer, journalist, photographer and musician. With Over 20 years experience in these industries he is a wealth of knowledge!

Born in London and moving to Australia in 1999, this journey sparked an obsession with travel, and he has been taking photographs around the world ever since, making his way to the more unusual places on the planet to document daily life and more.

Specialising in travel reportage, architecture and environmental portraiture Toby is fast making a name for himself amongst his contemporaries.


Meredith (Mez) is an Australian-Estonian photographer, author and educator based on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Her passion is in telling stories and capturing images that evoke a response – visually, emotionally, intellectually or otherwise. Her work has a distinctive style which is instantly identifiable and full of impact.

Meredith writes for numerous publications about photography, travel and cars. She is also a photographic contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Her debut book ‘Around Australia at 80ks’ was released in September 2021 with Affirm Press and has reached number 2 best selling Travel & Holiday Guide in the country.


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